Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet the Daddy

Merry Christmas!
I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful husband and father. Daniel has been so supportive and encouraging both during my pregnancy, and now with a baby. He willingly takes on extra chores when I'm not able to because of nursing, teaching preschool, etc. I look forward to next semester when I'm able to help more (because of not teaching), but I have very much appreciated his desire to serve.

Bundled up and Ready!

While I was pregnant, though all the physical things were def. only happening to me, I never felt like it was "my" pregnancy; I don't know how he could have made me feel more like this was something we were walking through together than he did. And even now, he wants to do whatever he can to take care of Jeremiah. He changes his diaper and swaddles him during night time feedings, he washes the diapers in our "semi-automatic" washer (then I do the spinning and hanging), he plays with Jeremiah, sings to him, and enjoys carrying him in the carrier when we go on walks (keep in mind we live in a very male-dominated society). I am so thankful for him!

Happy Pumpkin Baby

Since this is the meet the "daddy" post, it's all baby related. Later I'll have a post that tells more about the other sides of him. :)

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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Wow - how blessed you are to have such a fantastic husband!

(I should know... I have one myself ;-))

Hambone said...

um, can we say cutest pictures EVER?? I can't wait to see the daddy (and mommy) in action!!