Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crochet for Pots and Pans

I really like my metal pots.
When we moved here, we decided to buy some of the Dominican metal pots. However, the factory made ones were way more than we wanted to spend. So, we found some handmade ones that did not have plastic handles. They're wonderful. But, it can get annoying having to hunt down a hot pad whenever we want to lift the lid or move the pot. After a few burned hands, we got used to it. It wasn't a big deal. But then a friend mentioned something about how nice it would have been if they at least came wrapped in cloth. "Ah ha!" I thought. I was looking for a useful crochet project. So, I started crocheting. This is what I came up with. It works wonderfully and it's so nice not having to grab the hot pad. I have one more set to make. I just wish I'd done this earlier!
For more helpful tips, go to Rocks in My Dryer.


Minkydo said...

I like that idea. Fast and efficient. A great way to use up some scrap yarn :)

Briggie said...

great idea, perhaps you can post the instructions for those of us that aren't so good at crocheting. i have a few pots with metal handles and i'd love to have some handle cozies for them!

Louise said...

Nice idea! I like how the crocheted handles add some color, too.

Jes said...

I love those POTS!!! man, living in another country certainly has it's perks huh? (don't worry I know it has it's downside too)
I pulled one of my blankets out of the closet yesterday and just stared at it. I love blankets from other countries and have 4 in my collection this one I was looking at was from Honduras. I'm amazed at what people in other countries can do with their hands! We're so lazy in the states.
Anyway, that's a great idea!