Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Meet My "Semi-Automatic" Washer

So I'm a little late for Meet-and-Greet-Monday, but I wanted to participate anyway.
This week I want you to meet my washer. It does a lot of work for us; it's running almost daily (diapers three times a week, our laundry once a week, and Jer's laundry as needed). Without it, we would not be able to use cloth diapers (I have no desire to hand wash them). For those wondering what "Semi-Automatic" means, I will satisfy your curiousity. It means that it's somewhere in between a fully automatic and hand washing (isn't that a helpful definisiton?). I'll take you through the steps of our washing process; it's very exciting.
1) Fill washer (using hose).
2) Put in soap and clothes. Turn on to "15 min." Washer will "swish" the clothes around.
3) Turn middle switch to "drain." This will drain the water.
4) Repeat step 1.
5) Turn on to "15" min. Washer will "swish" clothes again, but this time with no soap.
6) Repeat steps 3-5 once more.
7) Now the wash has been washed once and rinsed twice. Put clothes into spinner on the right. Make sure you pack in the clothes (except for diapers- they are too heavy). Close the top (it will not run otherwise).
8) Turn dial on right to 5 min.
9) Spinner will start to spin very quickly. If you hear "thuds" open the top, wait for it to stop and rearrange the clothes so they are evenly distributed.
10) Repeat step 9 until spinner spins without thuds.
11) After 5 minutes, the excess water "magically disappears", and the clothes will be ready to hang.
12) Hang these clothes on the line while repeating step 7-11 until all clothes are spun (1 load of wash usually takes two loads in the spinner).
13) While the last load is spinning, fill the washer for the next time you want to wash your clothes (in case there is no city water).
14) Hang the last of the clothes.
15) Take a deep breath. You're finished- until the clothes are dry and ready to take down, fold, and put away.
Did you make it this far? Or did I lose you back at step number 6? Either way, here are pictures of our wonderful machine...

Our washer and hose

The spinner section


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Amazing. Thank you for the perspective. I now look at my modern, automatic washing machine (next to my old-fashioned drying racks) with thankfulness instead of passing over it to resent the drying racks! :-) You inspire me!

Daniel & Teresa said...

Lucky for me though, Daniel does steps 1-6 for me (of the diapers) before he goes to work, and then I spin and hang them. Yay for helpful husbands! :)