Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Musings

Wow, is Jeremiah growing up fast! He looks more and more like a little boy every day. I was lamenting last night how much I miss holding him close without him pushing me away in order to find something to play with. It's ironic- he's beginning to go through the separation anxiety phase, yet is so active he doesn't want to be snuggled with as often. He'll cry to be held, but then squirm so much I have difficulty holding him when I pick him up. Sigh. Where did my baby go? And yet, part of me rejoices as he grows and develops each day. Isn't that what motherhood's about? Yearning for them to stay with you, yet training and equipping them to leave you. And I know this is just the beginning.
As far as other Jeremiah news goes, he loves to sit and stand. He still hasn't crawled yet, but I think he's close to it. His two bottom teeth are continuing to come it, making him slightly crabby. Yesterday we had Kermes (the school carnival- more on that to come later). Jeremiah did so well. He was happy to be around lots of people, took a nap with his daddy in the carrier, and hardly fussed. (Praise the Lord!) We was also adorable.
As far as food goes, Jeremiah continues to eat well. We just recently introduced him to tayota (or chayote in other Hispanic countries) (somewhere in between and fruit and a vegetable). I used it to make "applesauce" (3 tayotas and 1 apple). Apples here are expensive (I could buy 6-8 tayotas or 2 mangos for the price of an apple). He seemed to like it. He ate it anyway.He love to eat! (And play with the bowl)

Hanging out (note the doggy with him)

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