Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet our House!

Going up the stairs to the house

To the left of the house

The front yard

Looking into the living room/front room (couch waiting to be finished)

Looking out of the living room (front door to the right) , into the entry way and, past that, into the dining room

Our messy kitchen

The "dining room"

Our bedroom (yeah, we need to buy more paint and finish it)

Baby room (happily, it was already painted with a bright yellow wall- perfect for a winnie the pooh room)

Backyard with our family pool (a baby present)

The swing set- it was here when we moved in

Clothes line and a dog house (dog house was also already here)

Our gazebo

My birthday present from Daniel (clearance, online :) )

Other nice things about our house: a small service bar between the kitchen and the dining room; two full baths that actually have mirror/cabinets, and one also has an under the sink cabinet (no more plastic shelves!); toilet paper dispensers (no more tp rolling around the bathroom); drawers in the kitchen; and (gasp) shelves in the closets (I never thought that would excite me so much)
Sorry, no pics of the spare room, it is currently be used as a junk "storage" room until we are all unpacked.


Joanna said...

Tree- It looks great! I love the backyard and the gazebo! How cool! The swingset & dog house were also very fortunate.

Linda said...

I love it! It's great...especially the yard and gazebo....what's the stove like?! :-)

Daniel & Teresa said...

The stove is the same one we had before. But, there's an actual space for it with a place to "plug in" the tube to run to the gas tank, so we don't have to keep the tank inside anymore. And, there was space between the stove and counter, so Daniel built a little stove shelf. :)