Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I tried to post this yesterday, but the pictures didn't want to upload...

This year for our the theme of Kermes- our school carnival- was a "Hawaiian" theme. It started at 11:00 Sunday morning (I walked there with Jeremiah, Daniel had to go earlier). It was well planned including games, raffles, food, a bake sale, and a candy shop. Many students, staff, (and others) dressed for the theme. We just happened to have a hand-me-down Hawaiian outfit for Jeremiah. The carnival was going very well when suddenly, it started raining. Now, it rains every year for Kermes. Other years it just sprinkled, or rained near the end, but not this year. Half way through, the rain came. And the wind. And things blew over. And we all huddled in the comedor or hallways. Jeremiah thought it was great; suddenly, he was in the middle of lots of people! As the wind calmed, they began the giveaway for the raffles, since that could be done under cover from rain. I had fun and am thankful that it was sunny for at least half of Kermes, as it's been raining a lot lately.
As far as the storm went, apparently there was a tornado in La Vega (a nearby city), which explains the severeness of the storm. (Although it sounds like it was really linear winds and not a funnel.)
Okay, now for the part that really matters...

The candy shop

The comedor


(look, they even brought in palm trees to make it really feel Hawaiian!

The sawdust dig

Our family

Daddy kisses!

Discovering glass windows

I can see daddy; why can't I touch him?

Nice nose.

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ashley @ twentysixcats said...

We had Kermes in Peru too! :-)