Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Protecting and Growing our Marriage

When my husband and I were first married, we decided right away that we would pray for our marriage every day. We spend some time together in prayer in the mornings (sometimes while holding a crying child), but what I want to share right now is an evening ritual that works for us. Before we go to bed, we share with each other our struggles and trials of the day, as well as our confessions. Then we prayer for each other. Not only does it draw us together in further intimacy, but it forces us to reconcile if we are holding anything against the other (and it forces us to admit our part in it, instead of complaining about what the other did). By sharing our personal confessions, it also makes us realize our own part in problems of the day, instead of blaming it on others (for example, even if my son has been whiny and grumpy how I react toward him is my responsibility). Sometimes this time is only 10 minutes, sometimes it is longer. But since we've made the commitment to do this we make sure it happens, even when my husband is staying up later than me to work on grad school. It has taught us how to be accountable to each other and reminds us to make Christ the center of our marriage.
What are some things you do to protect and grow your marriage? I would love to hear your suggestions!
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Melissa said...

thanks so much for that post! definitely something to make a marriage stronger; i am looking forward to practicing this with my hubby!
your little son is so cute and i think my son is only a few months older than him-from a guess. and that is so great that you are in the dominican republic. my husband and i are considering going overseas so he can teach at a seminary there too; right now he is finishing up seminary. so i just wanted to "introduce" myself to you :)

Linda said...

Along with other times when we pray together, setting aside every Monday night for an extended time of prayer has been great.