Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Traveling Blessings

Here are the blessings I noted while on our trip yesterday:

1)It was a beautiful clear morning. When the sun came up, the fog lifted and we enjoyed the last sights of the D.R.
2) As the sun rose behind a cloud, the top of the cloud appeared as though it were outlined in gold- a breathtaking sight!
3) Free carts and help in Santiago airport.
4) Of our 6 bags, 3 of them read over 50lbs (in spite of us weighing them beforehand), but they pulled them off right away anyway and didn't even look at the weight.
5) Very tranquilo, sleepy boys throughout the first flight (and an uneventful flight).
6) Friendly, helpful flight attendants
7) Friendly customs person, free carts in Miami to take our luggage through customs (and we managed to carry it all!)
8) A tranquilo Jer (though, sadly, it was because he was sick), and a not-too-difficult Timmy (though he did require more entertainment than the first flight until he finally fell asleep)
9) The reminder that God is in control- as we were landing in Chicago, we couldn't see anything out the window but clouds. After a while Daniel guessed we were in a holding pattern (which we found out later that we were). Finally we could tell that we were about to land, but we still couldn't see anything. It was slightly unnerving. I thought about how much that's like our life right now- we now we're landing somewhere, but right now we can't see where and how soon. And just as we had to trust the pilot, we need to trust that God knows where He's landing us! When we finally came out of the cloud we were only a few hundred feet up and within a minute or two of landing.
10) All our luggage arrived safely (as did we!) and we fit all our luggage in the car without needing to tie any to the top of the roof rack!
And the biggest blessings:
11) We knew we were blanketed with prayers throughout our trip and felt God's loving presence throughout.

Flight #1

Hanging out in the airport

Jer in the airport

End of flight number 2 (no, he didn't sleep the whole time)

All our luggage- 6 checked bags, 6 carry-ons, 2 car seats, two carriers, and 1 stroller

In our Indiana shirts (when will make it there?)


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Oh my gosh!!! Timmy looks so big!! I am glad that you had a good trip back. My mom said her entire department at Wycliffe prayed for your family yesterday at their morning prayer meeting. :-)

Teresa said...

Tell your mom a big "thank you!!!"

Brent said...

I'm glad you had a good trip. We're really looking forward to seeing you!