Thursday, July 03, 2008

Home again!

We had a great two weeks visiting with family and friends throughout Illinois and Indiana. We took a real vacation- we checked email (and Daniel had to do some emailing for work), but we didn't spend much time at the computer. We enjoyed time with family, went to parks, etc. All went well, besides the two airplane trips there and back. On the way to Chicago, we were delayed in Miami for 6 hours (most of which we were on the plane). On the way back, we were delayed in Miami 31/2 hours (all of which were on the plane). However, Jeremiah was great and smiley throughout most of it. And for that, we are very thankful.
The rest of the time was wonderful. We split the time between Daniel's parents, my parents, and Indiana, where we visited Indy and Upland. However, more on all that to come. For now, I will post some Jeremiah pictures, as I know many of you have been anxiously waiting. ;)

Climbing the window

Taking a peek outside

Going down the slide

He even helps with the laundry!

His first time on a swing

Hmmm... close, but not quite

Crawling out of his pants

Playing around

Staying cool in his ducky
(I tried uploading this picture twice, and it rotated it both times)

More about our trip and fun pics to come...

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Leah said...

yeah for pics! I miss you guys! Give Jer a squeeze for me!