Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet and Greet Monday: Bowling and TGI Fridays

Once again, blogging has been sparse. I started tutoring again this week. Which means it takes time to find materials, etc. and figure out what level the students are at. In addition, I've done some sewing and spent Thursday doing birthday things for Daniel. So, life has been busy. But I'll try to still do some blogging. :)

On Saturday we went bowling in Santiago with some friends, a couple from our Bible Study, as well as their kids. It was like a quick trip to the States. Bowling, Pricemart (a store kinda like Sam's club), and TGI Fridays. Boy did we feel spoiled!

A real bowling alley!

Rick and Jer.

Jer. picking out his bowling ball

"I wanna see!"

Jeremiah checking out the scores

Jeremiah "bowling"

Daniel bowling with Jeremiah

TGI Fridays. Mmmm...fajitas

Enjoying the "imported" burgers (which means they actually have fat, unlike the beef here)

Us and the TGI Fridays staff; there was a theme for why they were dressed up

It was great fun, as we haven't bowled or been out to an American restaurant in a long time. (while we were in the States, we did some "carry-out" of places like Subway and Panera, but never actually ate in a restaurant...

Now, if someone could just help me figure out why blogger keeps rotating my images, I'd appreciate it!

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