Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacation, Part II

The day after we drove back from Indy to Wheaton, we went to a Cubs game. It was a surprise birthday present for Daniel and his dad. Daniel's mom got the tickets, and I bought them both a Cubs shirt. They opened the shirts Thursday morning, and found out they were going to the game that day!
We tried to leave in plenty of time. However, 2 minutes from home we were double-rear-ended. Daniel's mom and sister were behind us. They were rear-ended, causing their car to run into the car Daniel, his dad, Jeremiah, and I were in. After about an hour, we were able to leave again, and sadly missed the first few innings of the game.
But, once there, we had a great time!


Daddy and Son

Grandpa and Grandson

Mommy and Son
After the Game

After the game, we drove to Lake Michigan beach, where Jeremiah played in the sand.

Hanging out

Sideways Jeremiah playing in the sand


The next few days consisted of seeing lots of family and friends:

Jeremiah and Peter

Jeremiah visiting with friends

Us, Sopeak, and Zay

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Sara said...


That poor child, setting him up for a lifetime of disappointment in baseball...

although Cubs and Sox are both in 1st place... the world might implode upon itself.