Saturday, July 05, 2008

Indiana Visit

The first few days of our vacation were spent at Daniel's parent's house. Then Saturday afternoon we headed to Indiana. First, we stopped in Noblesville where we attended Grace Community Church (the Sat evening service). Daniel and I both interned there one summer, and we were happy to see many people we knew but hadn't seen in a while. We went home with Joanna and Josh, and were able to be their first overnight house guests in the new daybed Josh built. They were great hosts! We had a good time talking around the bonfire, and just hanging out on Sunday morning. We even ate some yummy homegrown peas from Joanna's garden. I have a few pics, but for more, see Joanna's post.
Joanna and Casey

Joanna and Jeremiah

From there (Saturday afternoon) we headed down to Indy where we visited Allie and Mike (Taylor friends) and their beautiful 6-week old daughter. After a wonderful visit with them, we drove up to Upland, stopping to visit Ron and his family on the way (Daniel's boss when he interned). Finally, we arrived at Brent and Sara's house in Upland Sunday evening.

Our visit in Upland included spending time with Brent and Sara, visiting Taylor, celebrating Brent's birthday with him, seeing the Shockeys and Moores, playing Wii bowling and Mario Cart, and relaxing.

Brent's birthday dinner

Liz showing Jeremiah his new book

On our way back to Wheaton, we stopped in West Lafayette to visit Beth and Josh (Taylor friends). Jeremiah had fun playing with Benjamin and Olivia, while Daniel and I enjoyed seeing Beth and Josh again.

The men and the babes

Beth and the boys

Cuddles! (Aren't they cute?)

Olivia and Jer

I'm not sure if she's attacking him, or giving him a kiss...

And thus ended our tour of Indiana. Pictures of the rest of our trip to come soon.

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