Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pasta on the Grill, and other adventures

Thursdaqy night our propane tank ran out. Bad timing. One tank usually lasts 3-4 months. This one happened to run out during the stampede of tropical storms and hurricanes that have impacted our island, particularly the coastal areas. And where do you think the ships come that carry the propane? So, bad storms= shortage of gas. In short, we couldn't refill our tank because the city is out of propane. There is another propane gas station about 20 minutes down the mountain. We have no idea if they have gas. And of course, we don't know their phone number.
So, Thursday night we had to be creative. I was making pasta with veggies. So, we cooked the pasta and broccoli over the grill; grilled some eggplant and peppers, and made a cream-tomato sauce in the rice pot. It turned out very yummy. :) Last night we made hamburgers.

Cream Sauce

The Grill
The Grill master (the photo is a little foggy from the smoke)
Storm updates:
Hannah hit most of the island pretty badly (as the storm passed us several times in it's crazy loop). The D.R. at one point "canceled public schools until further notice." In Jarabacoa, we were not as affected. Here are some pictures of some cool clouds from the storm:

And now Ike is on it's way. The Bahamas, which were hit again and again by Hannah, look like they will be the main target for Ike. Right now, it is cloudy and comfortably cool, but nice outside. The birds are chirping and one wouldn't suspect that a huge hurricane was sitting on our North-East coast, heading WSW:

Hurricane Ike

So, depending on how it continues, we may lose power for a while. Which means we may not be able to blog. Or the storm could head up north and not affect us. Meanwhile, we'll try to find propane, and if we can't, buy lots of charcoal and hope we can grill. And hope the power doesn't go out, leavning us without a crock-pot or rice cooker!

And now, for Jeremiah's adventures:

Jeremiah is walking on his own now:

Jeremiah's favorite book is Animal Kisses. Somehow he got the idea that he should kiss each animal. Not sure where he learned that, but it sure is cute!

And pictures of the boy:

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Vermont Mafia said...

adorable! i have one guess where he got that sweatshirt! love you and miss you much. i have been imagining Jer walking as i walk along the trail :) (devon)