Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weather in the Tropics

Rain, rain, and more rain. All the hurricanes/ tropical storms you've heard about in the news recently have been dumping rain on our heads. First we had Fay, which brought lots of rain. Then, a week later, Gustav dumped more water on us. Hannah brought clouds, but not much else. And then it turned:

The above map shows the path Hannah took. It started out W, like most storms travel. And then dipped south. And then west. And then east. And then it brought lots of wind and rain as the storm covered our island. And now it's headed North. The funny thing is, the weather people kept insisting it was heading NW even as it went South and East.

Here's what the storm looked like today. If you look in the middle of the storm, you can see our island, Hispanola. Haiti is on the left, the D.R. is on the right. There's a section of the D.R. where it's green, and the storm is all around it. That's where we live. Today was hot, humid, and sunny, while the rest of the island was being drenched. Now the storm is supposed to head NW which means we're being hit with rain again.

And more to come:
Here's a map of the Atlantic. Hannah's off to the left, Ike is in the middle, and Josephine is on the right. So, if it hasn't rained enough, more may come. But, at least I haven't had to water my plants in a long time.

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