Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update and Threadsnakes

So, I forgot to mention that we did get propane last Thursday, after being out for 1 week. Thank you all for your prayers and concern! Internet and phone seem to be normal again, and our invertor (which occasionally doesn't turn on) has been working the past few days. So, praise the Lord, things seem to be working again! Jeremiah is doing much better. He slept a lot today! Our "strange thing" of the week right now is snakes. At least, I think they're snakes. We keep finding skinny worm things in Jeremiah's room. When we try to kill them, they start slithering like snakes. After a online search, I discovered something that looks very similar, and I'm pretty sure this is what they are: threadsnakes.
It looks similar, and fits the description (emerging after rain, eating ants and termite (we have plenty of those for them to eat!)). So, they aren't dangerous, and are probably helpful if they eat ants, but I don't exactly want them in Jeremiah's room.
Anyway, that's all our exciting news for now. :)

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