Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vaccines and my first solo drive

I'm excited to say that today I completed my first solo drive in our mini-bus, and in the Dominican Republic. Okay, so I didn't go very far; I drove Jeremiah to the Jarabacoa hospital for his 1 year vaccine. I was questioning whether to get or not get or delay the vaccine (MMR), so I called up a fellow missionary friend who lives here and happens to be a pediatrician. She recommended it and said that mumps is very prevalent here. On that advice, we drove to the doctor and Jeremiah made lots of new friends (he had to wave to everyone in the office). There was another 1 yr. old boy there, and they greeted eachother and patted eachother's hands. It was cute. I expected Jeremiah to howl upon receiving the shot, but he did very well! He whimpered a bit as the shot went in, but as soon as it was over, he went back to smiling and waving at everyone. What a trooper! So, that was my "eventful" morning. Maybe tomorrow I'll drive even further. ;)

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