Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend at the Beach, and a Storm A-coming

This weekend was a wonderful, relaxing trip to the beach! Saturday morning Daniel, Jeremiah, and I drove up to Cabarete. The drive was beautiful; part of it followed a ridge through mountains and hills. At one point, we could see all the way to Santiago, as well as other cities. We arrived in Cabarete at noonish, checked in, ate lunch (we brought it) and went directly to the beach. We found a nice place under a palm tree (it's low season, so there weren't too many people), spread out our blanket, and relaxed. Jeremiah had a great time playing in the sand and the ocean. Later, we walked along the beach looking for a nice restaurant to eat at that night.
For dinner we decided to splurge. After stopping by the grocery store, we showered, changed, and had dinner at a Sushi place along the beach. We managed to find a two person dinner for about $25 and had an appetizer of steamed soy beans. The dinner included soup and a few different kinds of sushi rolls. It was wonderful, fun, and different. We very much felt like we had a break from the everyday! As a result, we didn't go out to eat for breakfast or lunch the next day, but bought food from a local supermarket.
Sunday morning was rainy. we decided to go down to the pool anyway. By the time we walked down, the sun had come out. We had brought Jeremiah's pool floatie, and he had a great time as we pulled him around the pool. We took him back up for a nap as we packed up. After another hard rain shower, we finally got back out to the beach, rented some beach chairs and an umbrella, and had another relaxing afternoon (besides one more brief, but hard, rainshower in which the umbrella proved ineffective).
After a fun time of playing with Jeremiah, we loaded up the car and headed back to Jarabacoa. We took a brief stop to eat some Dominican food and arrived home in time to give Jeremiah a good bath (he was a very sandy boy!) and put him to bed on time.
Overall, it was a very rejuvinating and relaxing time emotinally and spiritually. God certainly blessed our trip and we are thankful for the much-needed break! (Pictures and video to come).

As far as the storm goes, a "low pressure point" has been hanging out over our island and is "moving" very slowly (if you can call it moving). It looks like it will bring lots of rain. Tomorrow is a Dominican holiday, and we are having a JCS staff get-together, rain or shine.

So, that's our news for now. Thank you to all who have been praying for us!

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